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The Strike Gold

Strike Gold Heavy Loopwheeled Sweatshirt - Indigo Dyed


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Size Chart

Vertical Length24"25.5"26"26.8"
Sleeve Length22.5"24.2"25.2"26"
Shoulder Width18"19"20"22.5"

We believe this is the first indigo dyed loopwheeled sweater coming from Japan. This crewneck sweater will fade and age over time just like a good pair of jeans. The ultimate loopwheeled sweater comes from Strike Gold, their first attempt at doing a sweater and they win on every count. They've been woven a bit tighter than tradition loopwheeled sweaters to make them a bit more windproof.

  • Heavy Weight 100% Cotton Loopwheeled Fabric
  • Pure Indigo Vat Dyed
  • Tightly Woven (Exterior is tough and sturdy)
  • Triple-Brushed Interior (Soft like a kitten)
  • "V" Collar Sweat Catch
  • 4-Needle Flatlock Seam Sewn Body
  • Made in Japan
  • Rinsed (will not shrink)