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Good Art

Good Art Bottle Bracelet w/ C Clasp


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Good Art's Bottle Chain bracelet is one of our favorites with a versatile look and a Sister Clasp.  The Sister Clasp is a longtime staple of the costume jewelry scene and is normally a crap clasp.  Good Art likes the idea of it's functionality but nearly every time a designer uses one it's an off-the-shelf piece which they slap onto the jewelry, nobody actually produces their own.  That's where Good Art comes into play, taking something simple and making it work better, look better, and feel better on.  A very minute torquing of the jaws when open can loosen or tighten the mechanism, it requires no springs, and it'll last forever.  

In Josh Warner's own words, "This bracelet is like the $40 Kobe burger from Old Homestead in NYC, after you have one you know why you needed it. Unfortunately most people still grab Micky D’s."  We're not exactly sure what that has to do with this bracelet, but we like it.

  • 100% 925 Sterling Silver
  • Made in USA
  • Hand Made & Hand Finished
  • Inner Branding
  • Includes Good Art Baggie
  • Link Width: 8mm
  • Link Length: 16mm
  • Clasp Length: 20mm