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Papa Nui

Papa Nui Bird Farm Cap - Wool Lined Navy


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There’s a photo, you may have all seen it. It depicts a WWII USN sailor on watch. In an improvised adaptation he wears his blue jungle cloth deck cap backwards. The neck flap serves as a visor to shield his eyes.

Fascinated with this image I tried recreating the ingenuity of this sailor and then with a half closed eye I had one of those rare product epiphanies and saw something completely unique, a new original birthed at that moment when the creative process bares the sweetest and rarest fruit.

I have now the great pleasure to preview to you the ‘Bird Farm’ cap. A sailors’ moniker for an Aircraft Carrier, the ‘Bird Farm’ cap takes the very best elements of the original deck cap and reimagines it into a winter cap of flawless beauty and quality. Ruggedly handsome in jungle cloth whipcord and lined in pure wool this cap is solid enough to stop an arctic blast. HBT sweat band for comfort and baring the country of origin Hino Maru the ‘Bird Farm’ is the last word in Naval Aviation Caps and a completely new and original concept.

  • Naval jungle cloth
  • Completely lined in pure Melton wool
  • Unique original crown pattern
  • Country of origin Hino Maru