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Iron Heart

Self Edge x Iron Heart Type III = SEXIH22TYPEIII


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Size 363840424446
Vertical Length25.6"26.6"27.5"28.2"28.9"29.7"
Sleeve Length25.6"26.1"26.6"27.1"27.6"28.2"
Shoulder Width16"16.6"17.5"18.3"19"19.5"

For our 22nd collaboration we've come together with Iron Heart to have a new 20oz unsanforized loomstate left hand twill denim produced with gray weft (fill) yarns. Due to the left hand twill of the denim the jean has a unique hand feel and due to the gray weft yarns the fabric has a very interesting medium indigo shade. We've never really had a jean at our stores made of a denim that looks and feels like this one. Due to the combination of the weight of the fabric and the fact that the denim comes in its loomstate form the fabric will age at a high definition at high wear points and areas of creasing. Iron Heart have cut and sewn this denim without any processing of any kind to the fabric. Unsanforized, un-singed, uncalendered, and unmercerised; this is a true loomstate denim. These are made in limited numbers and will not be remade.

The SEXIH22TYPEIII jacket is a traditional Type III denim jacket which we've added hand-pockets to and lengthened the body by 2" so that it can worn with an untucked shirt underneath. It's also perfect for those who are too tall for the traditional denim jacket body length.

This jacket is made of an unsanforized raw selvedge denim, when washed or soaked it will shrink approximately .75" in all dimensions.

  • 20oz Unsanforized Loomstate Left Hand Twill Japanese Selvedge Denim
  • Gray Weft Yarn
  • American Cotton
  • Heavy Canvas Pocket Bags
  • Selvedge Inner Placket Detail
  • Hand Pocket Slits
  • Poly Thread Stitch
  • Super-Duper-Thick Leather Tag
  • Type III Jacket Body (Body Lengthened By 2")
  • Limited Production