The Flat Head

Leather Diamond Sneakers - Black


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[Type of Stitching]

Flat Head uses a very thick nylon thread for the main body of the shoe.

[Type of Leather]

Flat Head uses a very high quality cowhide leather originating and tanned/dyed in Japan.

[Type of Construction]

Apart from the inlay design explained above, the another process used for these shoes is a vulcanized sole. This consists of assemblying the sole with the main body of the shoe using a high temperature/pressure oven. This is a traditional way to make sneakers. This method yields a more comfortable and longer lasting shoe.

Sizing: Flat Head uses US sizing, we find that the shoes run about half a size bigger than your average pair of Nikes, New Balance, and Converse sneakers.

  • These Flat Head sneakers are entirely made in Japan, including the sole which is rubber.
  • Extremely comfortable to wear.
  • The design with the diamond shape on the side is a design which was used in shoe production during the 50's in the US. This is made following an "inlay" design when the inner layer fabric/colour is visible through the outer fabric which has been cut in the shape of diamonds.